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Background/Experience of Juergen Haas, Ph.D. Computer Science, M.Sc. Physics
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Juergen Haas founded JSSC and leads the company's technology development.  With a Ph.D. in computer science and Masters degrees in computer science and physics, Haas has developed extensive experience in software development and high-tech start-ups, and has multiple invented and published patents and provisional patents in his name.  Haas’ experience with artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics, bioinformatics, image processing, simulation, and mobile devices has served him in management positions with start-up companies Juke Systems, Illumina (whose IPO raised $100 million) and Gene Logic (whose IPO raised $30 million).

1993    Ph.D. Computer Science, SUNY Buffalo, New York       
1988    M.Sc. Computer Science, University of Denver, Colorado       
1986    M.Sc. Physics, University of Denver, Colorado       


CTO, Juke Systems, Inc., Darien & San Diego, 8/2005-present:

- Developed and launched ICE First™, a J2ME mobile phone application for emergency medical information with wireless connectivity to Internet databases (see http://icefirst.com). ICE First was purchased by one of the world's largest medical image management companies.

- Developed, implemented and deployed a comprehensive ringtone, image, and software vending system for mobile phones. It is implemented as a J2EE-based application that includes functions and graphical user interfaces for uploading and managing content and is connected to a payment system through web services interfaces. This product was purchased by various mobile virtual network operators.

President, JSS Computing, Inc., San Diego, 3/2003-present:

- Developed robotic vision, planning, and control software for intelligent autonomous vehicles.
- Developed Java software for text input and optical character recognition software for camera-enabled mobile phones that can be purchased and downloaded over the air from the Internet directly to mobile devices.

Consultant, Collegesports Online 6/2004-9/2004:

Using Perl, HTML and JavaScript, developed various tools and automation devices for Collegesports Online which hosts the athletics web sites of more than 130 division I and II schools.
- Developed web browser based WYSIWYG editor in JavaScript;
- Implemented report generation tools using Oracle databases, Perl, Template Toolkit, ModPerl, HTML and JavaScript.
- Developed & implemented Perl scripts for automated processing of live news feed from the Summer Olympics (Sportsticker) for presentation on live web site;
- Developed & implemented Perl software for automated parsing and formatting of XML Sportsxchange news stories for presentation on live web site.

Senior Scientist, Illumina, Inc., San Diego, CA, 1/2000-3/2003:

- Designed and implemented web application server, based on J2EE, Apache and Java Web Start, for SNP and gene expression probe design; includes genome selection, tissue selection, multiple splice variant alignment, RNA view, DNA view, sequence view, choice of assays and probe hybridization parameters;

- Designed and implemented in Java a fully automated, flexible, modular, web-based, data analysis pipeline that facilitates distributed processing; used extensively by scientists and the array manufacturing team; installed copy at Applied Biosystems, Inc.;

- Designed and implemented in Java flexible web-based data analysis and visualization software for SNP genotyping and gene expression data, that includes genotype clustering procedures and spread sheet output;

- Designed and implemented in Java and C++ robust image analysis software for Illumina’s bead array images, that adapts to distortions and provides structure based bead numbering;
- Designed and implemented J2EE-based project tracking database and web-based user interface.

Staff Scientist, Gene Logic, Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland, 1997-2000:

- Led the design, implementation and population of a high-quality database of DNA sequences to support Gene Logic’s proprietary READS technology; developed Java programs that use this database for quality control to help optimize laboratory procedures;

- Played key role in the development and integration of a Java-based system for automating t
he analysis of READS gel images, including automatic data storage in Oracle based database;

- Designed and implemented a Java system for analyzing transcription factor DNA binding sequences generated by Gene Logic’s proprietary MuST technology;

Programmer/Analyst, University of Pennsylvania, Center for Bioinformatics, 1992-1997:

- Designed and implemented a web-accessible database system for gene expression data;
- Developed a system for inferring information about DNA through analogical/case-based reasoning and linguistic techniques;
- Implemented Java graphical user interfaces for the analysis of chromosomal structure;

Academic Honors and Memberships

- Member of the US National Physics Honor Society (Sigma Pi Sigma)
- Associate member of the Scientific Research Society of North America (Sigma Xi)
- Member of the Honor Society for International Scholars (Psi Beta Delta)
- Recipient of Quadrille Ball Scholarship, 1986/87
- Recipient of IRCS Post Doctoral Fellowship, 1994

Languages:  Fluent in English and German.

Programming/Software Development Experience:
Languages:     Java, Perl, C, C++, SQL, MFC Visual C++, Prolog, Lisp, …
Tools:        J2ME, J2EE, Java Enterprise Beans, Java Web Start, Java3D, Web
Services, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest
IDEs:         Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Café, Visual Studio, JCreator, Emacs, …
Systems:     Windows, Linux, UNIX, IRIX, Solaris, DOS
Databases:    Oracle, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, JavaDB
Platforms:     PC, Mobile Phones, Sun/Sparc, Silicon Graphics


1. “Method and System for Computationally Identifying Clusters within a Set of Sequences”, inventor: Juergen Haas, Patent Number: 6109776, Issue Date: 8/29/2000.

2. "Virtual Gel Profiling System," inventor: Juergen Haas, Patent Number: WO0167370, Publication date: 9/13/2001.

3. “Automated Information Processing in Randomly Ordered Arrays,” inventors: Juergen Haas, Bahram Kermani, Todd Dickinson, Mark Chee and John Stuelpnagel; application filed, 2003, international application number: PCT/US03/04570.

4. “Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle System”, inventor: Juergen Haas, provisional application filed on 1/18/2005; U.S. PTO file number 60/464175.

5. “Method and System for Image Based Text Input”, inventor: Juergen Haas, provisional application filed on 3/22/2004; U.S. PTO file number 60/555342.

6. “System and method for communicating emergency data”, inventors: Juergen Haas, Keith Buckley; application filed 11/10/2005, application number: US11/271,326.

Publications and Presentations

1. Juergen Haas has written numerous articles for The New York Times online magazine "About: Focus on Linux".

2. “Storing Medical Information,” Article by Sarmad Ali on Jukesystem’s ICE First product for mobile phones (developed by Juergen Haas), THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, March 21, 2006.

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7. “Construction of a High Quality Index of Human mRNA 3’End Sequences,” Chunhua Yan and Juergen Haas, poster presentation, Tenth International Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference, September 17-20, 1998, Miami Beach, FL.

8. “EpoDB: A Bioinformatics System for the Analysis of Gene Expression during Erythropoiesis” presented by Christian J. Stoeckert at the Bioinformatics and Genome Research Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, June 15-16, 1998.

9. “EpoDB: A Database of Genes Expressed during Vertebrate Erythropoiesis,” F. Salas, J. Haas, Brian Brunk, C. J. Stoeckert and G. C. Overton, Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 26 no. 1, 288-289, 1998.

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12. “From Context-Free to Definite-Clause Grammars: A Type-Theoretic Approach,” J. Haas, B. Jayaraman, Journal of Logic Programming, Vol 30(1), 1-23, January 1997.

13.    “QGB: A System for Querying Sequence Database Fields and Features,” G.C. Overton, J.S. Aaronson, J. Haas, and J. Adams, Journal of Computational Biology, Vol 1 no.1, 3-14, Spring 1994.

14. “Using Analogical Reasoning for Knowledge Discovery in a Molecular Biology Database,” J. Haas, J.S. Aaronson, and G.C. Overton, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, ACM Press, New York, NY, 554-564, 1993.

15. “Knowledge Discovery in GenBank,” J.S. Aaronson, J. Haas, and G.C. Overton, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, AAAI/MIT Press, 3-11, 1993.

16. “Interactive Synthesis of Definite-Clause Grammars,” J. Haas and B. Jayaraman, Proceedings of the Joint International Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming, Washington, D.C., November 1992.

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